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What is snap-cut asparagus?  Aspargus that is harvested by snapping it off by hand where it will break.   This is opposed to knife-cut, where it is cut off near the ground with a knife.  With knife-cut asparagus some of the stalk may be tough and stringy, and have to be discarded.   Not so with snap-cut, the entire stalk will be tender and usable.  All of our Asparagus is snap-cut.
How do I avoid tough, stringy Asparagus?  Prior to cooking, take a somewhat dull knife and start slicing the asparagus from the top.  If the asparagus cuts easily, it's tender.  As you work your way down the stalk the asparagus may become harder to cut.  When that happens, you should discard the rest of the stalk.  With snap-cut asparagus your can generally use the whole stalk.
What to do with Asparagus?  I have to admit I didn't used to understand all the fuss about Aspargus.  We had just boiled it like other vegetables.  And then, we steamed it.  It was delicious! And then we put it in stir-fry.  If you've never had Asparagus in stir-fry, you're in for a real treat.  I also like to make a milk based soup with Asparagus.  There are lots of recipes out there for soup.